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Sweet Charity

  • USA  
  • Feature film: melodrama, drama, comedy, music film
  • Year: 1969
  • Duration of film: 149′
  • Directors: Bob Fosse
  • Screenwriter: Neil Simon , Peter Stone
  • Director of photography:
  • Music: Sy Coleman
  • Producers:
  • Cast: Shirley MacLaine , John MacMartin, Chita Rivera, Sammy Davis Jr

Описание фильма:

“Sweet” Charity is a nice girl, who works as a taxi dancer at a sleazy New York dancehall. She is constantly falling in love, but men didn’t take her seriously. They spend her money and then they always leave her. Despite these endless disappointments, Charity never loses hope of finding real love, which will take her away from such a life. One day she gets stuck in the elevator with strange man Oscar, who has a panic attaсk, because he suffers from claustrophobia. This meeting leads to beginning of a great romance. One day Oscar proposes to Charity, but he still has no clue as to what his future bride does for a living…

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