Films catalog

    Main Competition: Feature Program

  • Bardsongs Bardsongs Netherlands   This voyage of discovery through Rajasthan, Mali and Ladakh contains three songs, three stories and myriad timeless wisdom.
  • Microphone Microphone Egypt  

    A bold example of new north African cinema, Microphone mixes and remixes fiction and cinema verité as it follows...

  • Montevideo, a Taste of Dream Montevideo, a Taste of Dream Serbia  
    A story about one team that decides to follow a dream that takes them on a journey to the First World Football Championship in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930. A dream that allows them to become true stars and living legends. 
  • Signora Enrica Signora Enrica Turkey  

    Abandoned with a son by her husband years ago, Signora Enrica is notorious in her native Rimini for refusing to allow any men into her house ever since.

  • Siberia, Monamour Siberia, Monamour Russia  

    Siberia. Late autumn. In taiga, in the deserted village there lives an old man Ivan & his seven-year-old grandson Leshia. A pack of feral dogs devours everything alive in the neighborhood. One of these dogs is Leshia's best friend. 

  • Firecrosser Firecrosser Ukraine   When soviet pilot Ivan Dodoka ran away from fascist captors, he was accused of high treason and convicted to Stalin camps. Ivan escapes. A great hunt is beginning, depriving him a hope of seeing his sweet one and, at last, his Motherland.
  • Hel Hel Poland   Piotr is a psychiatrist. A guy is brought to the hospital where he stands on a duty. It’s Kamil, his son, whom he hadn’t seen for many years...
  • Black Field Black Field Greece  

    Greece, 1654. A seriously wounded Janissary arrives at a cloister situated on a cliff, and the sisters take him in and care for him. 

  • Main Competition: Short Program

  • Visible Bra Straps Visible Bra Straps Italy   This is a story of two women: Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love. Their solitude brings them together, not in person but in virtual.
  • Axis Axis Ukraine   What is axis? Is there a connection between times or cities or countries or generations? Can a person have an axis?
  • The Saved One The Saved One Ukraine   Being upset by absolute indifference, being ill with pneumonia, Oksana tries to shorten her life in the world she doesn’t want to live in.
  • The Nest The Nest United Kingdom   One morning. Two points of view.
  • In the Years of Masks In the Years of Masks Italy   In a future not so far, people use to live wearing masks. A kid walks into the street and stops in front of a strange shop. After a while he decides to come in: he is looking for something special to buy.
  • Katya Katya USA   Russia   1997. New York City. JFK Airport. A Russian cab driver picks up a mysterious girl from Moscow with enigmatic tattoos...
  • Controlled Burn Controlled Burn USA   When Olivia Browning's husband, Hugh, is ravaged by Alzheimer's Disease, she must make a decisive choice regarding his right to die.
  • Thief of Sounds Thief of Sounds United Kingdom   An ancient thief lives in our minds. When Anna finally cracks the finale for her violin piece, her joy will not last...
  • Letter to Julia Letter to Julia Spain   I miss the theatre classes. And you, guys. The shops, the coffee… all those things…
  • Mama Always Told Him Mama Always Told Him Australia   George suffers from ‘love at first sight’, and falls in love way too quickly... A comic fable about the nature of love, based on a true story.
  • My Fear My Fear Brazil  

    Regardless of its cause, fear often lead to the senses of sight and hearing being instantly aroused. 

  • 5150 Hold 5150 Hold France   Two sisters, separated, then reunited. Mental disorder: Chaos.